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China OEM China Manufacturer of Industrial Forged Component Parts for Male-Female Shaft

Product Description

About Factory 

With more than 18 years’ histiory, we are a professinal manufacturer for drop forged products such as forged chain (X348 X458 X658 X678 X698 F100 F160), scraper chain (10160, 14218, 14226, 142N), conveyor trolley (X348, X458, X678, XT160), and drive chain (X348, X458, X678), and so forth standard moulds of chain. 

Besides, we can also produce as per your drawing or sample, special link chain, pusher, pin and plate, according to customers’ unique requirements.

Product Description

1) Material: Alloy steel, 40Cr, 42CrMo and so on.
2) Types: 10160, 14218, 14226, 2571, 26014, 142N, 150D, S30, and so on. (Or as per your drawing)
3) Process: Moulding→Forging→Polishing & Blasting→Fine machining→Heat treatment→Blasting→Inspecting & testing→Packing

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Technical Data

Model Pitch Dimension Lateral Corner Standard Measured Length (mm) Measured Quantity Tensile Strength (KN) Weight (Kg/m)
80H 80 73 42 18.4 20 34.5 19.5 7 3032/3058 38 250 7.8
X348 76.6 46 27 12.7 12.7 20.6 13.5 9 3050.5/3095.2 40 110 3.2
X458 102.4 57 37 16 16 26.5 17.5 9 3063.1/3090.2 30 210 5.2
468H 102.4 84.1 47.8 18 29.5 42.9 22.2 9 3063.1/3090.2 30 318 11.5
X658 153.2 55.6 35 16 16 57.2 17.5 7 3055.1/3082.8 20 210 4
X678 153.2 77 50.8 22.2 21 34.2 25 7 3055.1/3082.8 20 320 9.5
678 153.2 77 50.8 22.2 21 34.2 25 7 3055.1/3082.8 20 320 9.5
698 153.2 95.25 64 28 25.4 41.3 32 5 3055.1/3082.8 20 515 17
998 229.4 95.25 67.5 28 25.4 41.3 32 5 3205/3232.4 13 515 14.8
9118 229.4 123.8 76.2 35 33.5 52 38.1 5 3205/3232.4 13 832 24.2
S348 76.6 38.9 28.6 12.7 12.7 20.6 13.5 9 3050.5/3095.2 40 110 3.2
S458 102.4 52.1 35 16 16 26.5 17.5 9 3063.1/3090.2 30 210 5.2
S678 153.2 69.8 50.8 22.2 21 34.2 25 7 3055.1/3082.8 20 320 9.5
S698 153.2 73 68.3 28 25.4 41.3 32 5 3055.1/3082.8 20 515 17
S9118 229.4 98.4 77.8 35 33.5 52 38.1 5 3205/3232.4 13 832 24.2
F100 100 57 37 16 16 26.5 17.5 9 2991.3/3018.3 30 210 5.2
F160 160 78 54 24 20.5 36 28 7 3190.7/3219.5 20 318 10.3

Products & Testing Equipments

Products Application

Packing & Delivery

Why Choose Us?

1. We are engaged in chain industry over 15 years with rich market experience. We keep improving production techniques. All the products have longer working life and have passed the market test.

2. We can design the correct chains with high quality material, good abrasion resistance, good corrosion, high strengthen and etc as per your request or the chain application.

3. We are the chain manufacturer; you can directly purchase the product from us with low price and high quality.

4. We have a professional team for international trade, they have abundant experiences and are always ready to solve problems for customers. So you have nothing to worry about.

5. We have the long-term cooperative forwarder who can give us the lowest freight. And it can help you to save the freight. What’s more, for the FCL, we will design the packages as per the container sizes with the largest capacity to save the shipping cost for both of us.


Material: Alloy
Structure: Combined Chain
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Chain Size: 1/2"*11/128"
Feature: Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant
Mould Number: 10160, 14218, 14226, 20028, 26014, 142n, 150d, S30
US$ 5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What are the considerations for selecting a corrosion-resistant conveyor chain?

When selecting a corrosion-resistant conveyor chain, several factors need to be considered to ensure the chain’s longevity and performance in corrosive environments. Here are some key considerations:

1. Material Selection: Choose a chain material that is inherently resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel, such as AISI 304 or AISI 316, is a common choice due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties. Other materials like plastic chains or special alloys can also be considered based on the specific application requirements.

2. Coatings and Surface Treatments: In some cases, additional protective coatings or surface treatments can be applied to enhance the chain’s corrosion resistance. These coatings, such as zinc plating, galvanizing, or epoxy coatings, create a barrier between the chain material and corrosive substances, preventing direct contact and reducing the risk of corrosion.

3. Environmental Compatibility: Consider the specific corrosive agents present in the environment where the conveyor chain will be used. Different corrosive substances, such as acids, alkalis, or saltwater, require specific resistance properties. Ensure that the selected chain material and coatings are compatible with the corrosive agents present in the operating environment.

4. Maintenance and Lubrication: Proper maintenance and lubrication play a crucial role in preventing corrosion and extending the life of a conveyor chain. Regular cleaning, inspection, and application of appropriate lubricants can help remove corrosive contaminants and protect the chain surface from degradation.

5. Testing and Certification: Consider chains that have undergone testing and certification for corrosion resistance in relevant industry standards. Look for certifications such as ISO 9227 (salt spray test) or ASTM B117 (corrosion resistance test) to ensure the chain’s performance in corrosive environments.

By carefully considering these factors and consulting with conveyor chain manufacturers or corrosion-resistant experts, you can select a chain that is well-suited for your specific corrosive environment, minimizing the risk of corrosion-related issues and ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


What are the future trends and advancements in conveyor chain technology?

The field of conveyor chain technology is constantly evolving, driven by the need for improved efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Here are some of the future trends and advancements in conveyor chain technology:

1. Automation and robotics: The integration of conveyor chains with automation and robotics systems is a growing trend. This includes the use of advanced sensors, machine vision, and artificial intelligence to enable autonomous operation, precise positioning, and efficient material handling.

2. Smart and connected systems: Conveyor chains are becoming increasingly connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This allows for real-time monitoring, data collection, and analysis of various performance parameters such as chain wear, tension, temperature, and energy consumption. Smart systems can optimize maintenance schedules, detect potential failures, and improve overall system efficiency.

3. Lightweight and high-strength materials: The development of lightweight yet high-strength materials is an ongoing focus in conveyor chain technology. Advanced alloys, composites, and engineered plastics offer improved strength-to-weight ratios, reducing energy consumption and increasing the load capacity of conveyor systems.

4. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is a key consideration in conveyor chain design. Future advancements aim to minimize power consumption through the use of efficient drive systems, regenerative braking, and smart control algorithms that optimize speed and acceleration profiles. Energy recovery technologies, such as regenerative drives, can also capture and reuse energy during deceleration or braking.

5. Sustainability and environmental friendliness: Conveyor chain technology is moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials, improved lubrication techniques to minimize environmental impact, and the adoption of energy-efficient components and systems. Recycling and circular economy concepts are also gaining prominence in the design and manufacturing of conveyor chains.

6. Advanced wear monitoring and predictive maintenance: The future of conveyor chain technology involves advanced wear monitoring systems that can accurately predict the remaining useful life of chains and components. This enables proactive maintenance planning and reduces unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance algorithms analyze data collected from sensors and provide timely alerts for chain replacement or repair.

These are just a few examples of the future trends and advancements in conveyor chain technology. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations that enhance performance, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in conveyor systems.


What factors should be considered when designing a conveyor chain system?

When designing a conveyor chain system, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and functionality. These factors include:

  • Load Capacity: The load capacity of the conveyor chain system is a critical consideration. It involves determining the maximum weight and size of the materials or products to be conveyed. This information helps in selecting the appropriate chain type, size, and strength to handle the expected load.
  • Speed and Throughput: The desired speed at which the conveyor system needs to operate and the expected throughput of materials are important factors. They influence the selection of chain pitch, sprocket size, and motor power to achieve the desired conveyor speed and material handling capacity.
  • Environmental Conditions: The operating environment plays a crucial role in the design of a conveyor chain system. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive substances, and presence of water or chemicals impact the selection of materials for the chain, sprockets, and other components to ensure durability and resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Conveyor Layout and Configuration: The layout and configuration of the conveyor system are key considerations. Factors such as available space, conveyor path, incline or decline angles, and any required curves or turns affect the selection of chain type, sprocket arrangement, and overall system design.
  • Maintenance and Accessibility: Easy access for maintenance and servicing is crucial for the longevity and efficient operation of the conveyor chain system. Considering factors such as lubrication points, chain tension adjustment mechanisms, and overall accessibility for inspections and repairs ensures smooth operation and minimizes downtime.
  • Noise and Vibration: The level of noise and vibration generated by the conveyor chain system can impact the working environment. Design considerations such as selecting chain types with low noise characteristics, implementing proper lubrication, and using vibration-damping components help minimize noise and vibration levels.
  • Safety: Safety is of paramount importance in conveyor chain system design. Factors such as guarding, emergency stop systems, proper alignment, and anti-slip measures need to be incorporated to ensure the safety of operators and prevent accidents or injuries.

Considering these factors during the design stage helps in selecting the appropriate conveyor chain type, size, and configuration to meet the specific requirements of the application, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling operations.

China OEM China Manufacturer of Industrial Forged Component Parts for Male-Female Shaft  China OEM China Manufacturer of Industrial Forged Component Parts for Male-Female Shaft
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China OEM T/F Output Shaft Drive Chain for Nissan Navara 33152-30c00 with Great quality



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Drive Chains

Push chains are broadly used for sliding metal guides. While resolution chains are usually used, roller chains are much more effective in measurement and bodyweight. Nonetheless, a generate chain is typically the ideal decision for filthy employment. The pursuing are some of the advantages and drawbacks of drive chains. Understand more! Adapt your motor vehicle to your distinct scenario with drive chains. You may be glad you did! Study on to find out much more! Keep on looking through for information on various types of travel chains.

Inverted tooth chain

An inverted tooth camshaft drive chain has tooth on its hyperlinks and two pin rolling pivot joints that interact every other to transmit moderate to high-velocity rotations. This sort of push chain is also identified as a silent chain drive, which is particularly effective in reducing noise and vibration. The enamel on the backlinks mesh completely with the teeth of the gear sprocket. The inverted tooth layout also provides sleek communication of chain hyperlinks with the enamel of the sprocket.
The design and style of the new design was particularly powerful in quelling sound. The “Druid” spring forks enabled the chain to modify with small motion of the axle. It was launched at the 1910 Olympia demonstrate and sold more than five hundred models. The push chain was also silent, which lowered the require for seem insulation and attenuation elements, which in flip minimized bodyweight. That’s why, it became an excellent option for wind turbines.
The primary drawbacks of chain travel contain its lower pace and minimal range. It is expensive to manufacture and calls for precise mounting. Upkeep is essential, including lubrication and slack adjustment. Its velocity fluctuates as the chain is stretched. This brings about the chain to fall short at the worst achievable time. The chain travel also has difficulties linked with slippage. In addition, it can be inclined to abnormal put on and tear. The good news is, nevertheless, there are newer sorts of push chains obtainable, which are more resilient and reputable.

Duplex chain

There are a few types of duplex push chains: SC, RP, and Ramsey. Each and every has their very own exclusive positive aspects and attributes. The Rampower duplex series offers twice the power capacity of the normal SC duplex chain. They are often utilized in new programs. SC duplex chains are the most reasonably priced and are employed in significantly less demanding applications. The SC duplex chain has a decrease power potential but reduced weight. There is also no promise of performance.

Multi-strand roller chain

The A number of-strand roller chain for drive chain market place can be defined on the foundation of the variables that push growth in this industry. The elements that hamper market expansion can be recognized in purchase to come up with option bends for lucrative opportunities. This report aims to understand the recent circumstance and the effect of COVID-19 on the business as a complete. We will also discuss the market motorists and restraints. We will talk about the different kinds of A number of-strand roller chains for push chain and their industry dimensions in the coming years.
The bare minimum tensile strength for a roller chain is a single sixth or 1-ninth the tensile energy of a typical drive chain. These requirements are established to avert linkplate tiredness, which is the major result in of untimely breakdown. A chain made of this content is deemed a outstanding choice for substantial-functionality programs involving a substantial load-bearing capacity. If you happen to be employing a push chain, make confident to decide on a proper chain dependent on the type of application. A easy chain with a higher load-bearing capability is also perfect for simple applications.
Even though it is correct that a higher-tension, higher-speed drive calls for a larger electricity ranking than a low-velocity chain, roller chains are mainly used in minimal to mid-speed programs. They are related to bicycle chains but could have a master link. In motorcycles, chains are heavier and may call for a chain device to take away. These chains are typically changed with toothed belts or a mixture of each.

Flat leading chain

The flat best generate chain is a versatile conveyor belt that conveys medium and massive workpiece pallets. Its arcing capability tends to make it suited for continuous drive combinations involving curve arcs. The flat best chain is also accessible with PA use pads on the workpiece pallets. The flat prime chain’s steel and plastic glide profiles allow surface masses of up to 1.5 kg/cm. Hd profiles are compatible with the flat prime chain.
The metal flat best chain is available in numerous kinds: 815, 820, and 881 sequence. These are warmth-taken care of to have high energy and exceptional wear resistance. They can also be used with various sprockets, including 820 sprockets. The high-top quality metal chain can be utilized with numerous industrial programs. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a durable chain for your industrial software, iwis hardened stainless steel flat leading chains are an excellent choice.
TSplus flat prime push chain provides the most adaptability of any conveying media. The generate units can be linked conclude-to-end to type extended conveyor strains. Side-flexing flat prime chains are accessible to generate serpentine, in-line, and carousel conveyors. Push models are accessible in standard and hefty-responsibility types. They are adaptable adequate to manage a range of container sizes. If you require a more sophisticated conveyor system, you can select a weighty-duty push chain.
Rexnord flat top chains appear in two simple designs: MatTop chain and TableTop chain. The TableTop chain is molded in regular widths ranging from 3.twenty five inches to 12 inches. These are transported in 10-foot sections, but you can also find twenty-foot-broad mattop chains. You can even customise your MatTop chain to meet up with your precise requirements. They are excellent for a range of conveying purposes, from basic conveying to wash down applications.

Conveyor chain

Drive chains for conveyors arrive in a assortment of styles. These chains can have different degrees of pitch. Pitch is ruled by wheel tooth toughness, the general chain rigidity, and the type of generate motor. A typical highest pitch is identified by the width of the hyperlink plates and the angle in between the mounting angles. You can enhance the pitch of your chain by strengthening the bushes among the hyperlink plates. Make positive that the hole among the wheel tooth and the bushes is around a single-fourth inch.
Pitch and rigidity of the chain are crucial considerations when choosing a chain. The least pitch is decided by the thickness of the tooth on the wheel and the greatest pitch is identified by the rigidity of the url plates. However, this maximum pitch might be exceeded with bushes in between the hyperlink plates or clearance with the wheel teeth. A very good good quality chain will have bearing surfaces lubricated to stop abnormal put on and rust. Medium-viscosity mineral oil is suited for normal running conditions. SAE 20W-50 is a good option for this application. Self-lubricating chains are accessible from several chain producers.
The chain is typically lubricated by dripping oil between the links. This sort of lubrication needs typical inspection of the conveyor chain. The sum of oil need to be sufficient to prevent reddish brown discoloration on the chain joints. A lubricating oil should be used on a everyday foundation, in accordance to the manufacturer’s technical specs. In purchase to guarantee a for a longer time existence for your drive chain, make sure that you lubricate it on a typical foundation.

China OEM T/F Output Shaft Drive Chain for Nissan Navara 33152-30c00     with Great quality